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Monday, March 28, 2011

4/20 at the Mercury in Seattle with Black Queen, Sol Negro, and Bell Witch!

Witch Metal Unite!!


April 3rd at the Black Lodge. (A) Benefit for Left Bank Books!

We will be playing a benefit show this Sunday April 3rd at the Black Lodge in Seattle. Hope to see you there! LEFT BANK

Left Bank has been dealing with an unprecedented 8 week temporary move for earthquake renovations that started in February of 2011. The relocation has created some uncertainty and instability in our financial and operating situations. We are halfway through the relocation, but our temporary space is only 1/5 of our normal shop size. The Market paid for most of our temporary relocation to 89 Pike (wedged between the donut stand and the fish throwers), but we are paying for new signage, all of the fixtures (shelves, etc.), and other assorted costs that are not covered by our insurance, as well as taking pay cuts in order to meet the needs of our distributors.

Why Does Supporting Left Bank Matter?

Did you know that Left Bank Books is the oldest functioning anarchist bookstore in North America? Independent book stores are quickly disappearing in the downtown area (not to mention across the country), and in a down turned economy we are constantly battling with our ability to keep our doors open. Fortunately, all of the love and work that past and present collective members pour into the project keep us stoked on our collaborative efforts in trying to provide more accessible radical material to the public and serve as an introductory face to many people wanting to learn about collective structure, as well as operating as a gateway for many new and current members of the Pacific North West to the radical community in Seattle at large. We are home to many local writers distributing and self publishing their own work that may not otherwise have as broad of an audience.

We also work in conjunction with Books to Prisoners to provide prisoners with more options for reading material, as most books are very difficult to distribute to incarcerated folks. Because of our publishing and distributing status, BTP is able to receive donations, send titles, and collect mail for their project through our store front.

Come out and show yr love for Left Bank!

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