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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heavy Days In Doom Town II

Heavy Days In Doom Town is getting nearer. Here is the line-up in running order!

5/2/13 Thursday: Stengade

19.30 Bottom Feeder (dk)
21.00 High Priest of Saturn (n)
22.30 Huata (fr)
00.00 Hexvessel (fin)

5/3/13 Friday: Ungdomshuset

18.00 Alunah (uk)
20.00 Saturnalia Temple (swe)
22.00 Bell Witch (us)
24.00 Belzebong (pl) Main stage:
17.00 Toner Low (nl)
19.00 Siena Root (swe)
21.00 Procession (swe)
23.00 Conan (uk)
01.00 Samothrace (us)

5/4/13 Saturday: Ungdomshuset

16.00 Skraeckoedlan (swe)
18.00 Lecherous Gaze (us)
20.00 Shadow of the Torturer (us)
22.00 Meth Drinker (nz)
24.00 Heat (d) 17.00 Danava (us)
19.00 Cough (us)
21.00 Pagan Altar (uk)
23.00 Mournful Congregation (aus)
01.00 Graves at Sea (us)

5/5/13 Sunday: Ungdomshuset

17.00 Nocturnal (swe)
19.00 Resonaut (n)
21.00 Dark Buddha Rising (fin)
23.00 Øresund Space Collective (dk/swe) feat. Tom Sutton (aus) Main stage:
16.00 Seremonia (fin)
18.00 Troubled Horse (swe)
20.00 Saturnus (dk)
22.00 Kadavar (d)
24.00 Moss (uk)

Friday, February 15, 2013

"LONGING" Double LP Pre-Sale for US, and Europe.

Folks in Europe can now pre-order the black version of Bell Witch’s Longing from Burning World/Roadburn Records and save money over the new stupid USPS shipping rates. Pre-order here.
Everyone else can order the red version from red and black version of Longing from The Flenser store shipping in the US here.